A Brief Introduction to the Basic Situation and Work Situation of Trade Unions

With the soundness of the company's institutions, the company unions first elected by the staff representatives of the new trade union team, under the leadership of the trade union chairman Shi Jinxiang, the work of the trade union has made great progress, the basis of implementation, organization, the implementation of sports rights, trade unions Construction have a breakthrough, full-time and part-time trade union cadres 9, give full play to the role of trade unions bridge link, close contact with the masses, wholeheartedly rely on the working class, and achieved remarkable results. In the past two years, the trade unions have always been the core of the work of safeguarding the rights and interests, and the trade union has been deepened at the grassroots level, and the investigation and management, The work environment, the living environment has been greatly improved, especially since last year, the living environment to achieve the landscaping, lighting, and improve the living environment, the development of the work environment, Greening. To facilitate the staff to get off work, the purchase of commuter vehicles, free shuttle workers. In addition, in the construction of corporate culture, every May 1, National Day, New Year's Day and other holidays, trade unions are organized a variety of cultural activities, in the past two years unions, self-directed, since the performance of literary and artistic programs, won the community's praise , But also set a good corporate social image.
     In accordance with the work of "organizing and effectively safeguarding rights", the work of the trade union focused on the interests of the workers and staff, and solved the work of helping the workers to solve the problem of helping the poor and helping the workers in the past few years, benefiting more than 100 employees. Each employee's children to college colleges and universities to give 2000-5000 yuan of grants to help the poor continue to line, ideological work line, rights work as the main line, and vigorously create a good business environment, so that the work of impressive, full of characteristics The
     This year, under the guidance of the second session of the workers' congress, the work carried out in full swing, the rights work enjoys popular support, the cultural activities are brilliant, the living facilities are obviously changed, the incomes of the workers are obviously improved, and the work of the unions is formed. The coordination of the upper and lower, united, all-conquering fighting for the development of enterprises across the development of a solid foundation. Members of the company in the union under the unity of hard work, keen on innovation, for the establishment of peace, well-off, rich new Kang Wei and work hard.