PCB circuit board terminal description

Screw connection circuit board terminals in the electronics industry has always occupied an important seat, has now become an important component of the printed circuit board. Its structured design also takes into account the convenience of wiring and reliable screw connection and other aspects of the characteristics.
  Spring connection of the printed circuit board terminals back to pull the spring connection and butterfly spring connection two. Which pull-back spring terminals and screw terminals can be replaced, greatly increasing the flexibility.
  IDC Wireless Fast Terminals provide quick connection to insulated wire with no tools. Pull the lever to push the wire into the edge and cut off the insulation to achieve air tightness. This wiring method saves up to 60% of the wiring time and is certified for use with Ethernet cabling (Category 5).
No matter what kind of connection terminals, they all have the following advantages:
  1. Large wiring capacity, can adapt to a variety of wiring requirements.
  2. The clamping body and the welding needle mechanically decoupling, that is, because the clamping body shell and the solder pin is not connected, tighten the screw torque will not pass to the solder joint.
  3. Needle four prism, end shrink thinning. When the hole is inserted, it can be prevented from turning freely. Use solder solution into the welding hole.
  4. Welding needle for the copper alloy, solder no dirt to ensure the long-term reliability of welding.
  5. Tin solder paste, easy to weld.
  6. With cooling channels.
  7. The tip of the welding needle is thinner and easy to install.
Users can not only need to choose different parameters, such as needle, pitch, etc., can also choose a different wiring direction. In practical applications, the layout of the components (such as the location of the PCB in the housing) tends to limit the printed circuit board terminals. Printed circuit board terminals that provide a variety of different wiring directions are undoubtedly of significant practical significance: horizontal, vertical, bevel, and front. The more choices you provide, the greater the amount of help you can actually do.
  Printed circuit board terminals can even provide multi-layer wiring (1 to 4 layers) terminals (MKDS ... to MK4DS ...). The arrangement between the layers is very compact and staggers half a stitch in the vertical direction. This terminal is fully compliant with the compact, space-saving design needs.
  The connection terminals of the screw connection can be compatible with the spring connection terminals. The so-called compatibility is that both are interchangeable and need not change the layout of the printed circuit board. This greatly improves the adaptability of the product, and to a large extent reduce the cost.
  In order to meet the requirements of the new electronic assembly process (reflow method, solderless installation), Phoenix has developed a series of SMD / THR and pressure-embedded components, including printed circuit board terminals MKDS 1-SMD, EMKDS ... and shell by High temperature insulation materials made of special components. There are several models available to the full range to meet the requirements of mechanized assembly.
  With cold head, pre-installed and special shell color, etc. - can be provided according to the user's special type of terminal.

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